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quote : they got housing money and they did get government assistance. >> dzhokhar won a $2,500 scholarship senior year at cambridge latin which is a pretty darn good public school. >> bill: it's a good school. >> going down to the university of massachusetts at dart mouth: i don't know i understand in his freshman year he in college he was less friendly than he had been in high school indicating that the raddization, the muslim fund mentionist ideals that the old brother tamerlan inculcating began to take hold. when he came back, tamerlan, it is also interesting to note that's when he began putting his videos on youtube. that's where he began referencing these radical imams. that's where he began truly to get hard core in terms it of his ideology, his hatred of the west. his hatred of decadent
quote , there is a developing story and we are trying to get this guy dzhokhar tsarnaev out of this boat. and into police custody. and they don't want to kill him because they want to find out why he did what he did and if there was anybody else that was happening him. howie, do the presence and the fbi, i think they did a pretty darn good job even though this guy was able to run away last night when his brother was killed in the shootout overnight. he was able to escape on foot. it's dark, it's watertown, he knows the area, whatever. do you concur the cops have done a good job here? >> yeah, i think they have. i was really surprised when they came up with the audio and/or excuse me the video yesterday. i thought it would take them days if not weeks to come up with -- >> -- >> bill: the fbi was really
the character of our country once more. >> reporter: tonight, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in serious condition at beth israel medical center, being treated for his injuries. and the city can finally sleep. for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in watertown, massachusetts. >> our thanks to linsey davis. >>> coming up next for us, faces of terror. what drove these proverbial boys next door to unlaunch allegedly a deadly reign of terror. progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. >>> this special edition of "nightline," caught, continues from boston with juju chang.
viewers in the united states and around the world. >> a government source says that dzhokhar tsarnaev placed the blame on his brother. >> he was competent and lucid on monday. the federal authorities are taking the lead in the investigation. for more on all of that, we are live in boston. good to have you with us again. let's start with what authorities are learning from the suspect. >> reporter: what he has included so far to authorities is that any sort of foreign terrorist groups are not involved. however that is just what he has indicated and the fbi still have to do a lot of investigating to find out whether that is actually true. as you mentioned he laid the blame at his brother's feet. his brother is now deceased and they cannot do more to determine that. but those are two of the main points we are getting. and they are radicalized online watching videos about making the explosive devices. >> right now he is facing one charge of conspireing to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death but he could face further charges, right? >> reporter: he is facing two federal char
, dzhokhar sar nef. boston's baseball caps piling up at the memorial for the victims behind meear from the emotional visitors for the next two hours here on cnn. meantime, let's get to the latest. attorney general eric holder taking some heat for defending the timing on reading the boston bombing suspects his miranda rights. white house core departments and at the white house correspondents dinner last night holder spoke exclusively to cnn about his decision. athena jones has more from washington. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder under fire from republicans for agreeing to a judge's decision to read the boston bombing suspect his miranda rights. dzhokhar has since clammed up. valuable sfogs out of reach. speaking to cnn holder answered that for the first time at white house correspondents dinner. >> the decision to mirandize him is one that the magistrate and totally consistent with the laws that we have. we had a two-day period we were able to question him under the public safety exception. i think everyone was done appropriately and we got leads. >> repor
inter butrí we didn't have any idea of what dzhokhar tsarnaev actually sound now. unguarded moment. the world lead. ghost money. tens of millions of u.s. reportedly slipped to the office of the afghan president off the oks. could it have ended up in the hands ofhe very enemies our troops are fighting? good afternoon. we're coming to you live from copley square in boston. on the national lead today, it's a thought entirely the boston bombing suspects have help plotting their vicious attacks? and if so real mastermind still out there it ready t ans, are raising thatility. they made the rounds on sunday ta tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev actedthink, given the level of sophistication of this device the fact that the pressure cooker is a signature device that goes back to pakistan/afghanistanhandled these devices theft that there w trainer. >> the real test omwf it, whether he was radicalized or not is russia. we have to do a lot of investigation in russia because when he over to russiaback things brother. >> so is this just a sneaking /í suspicion, or is there actual
. and now the focus is on a landfill, and it's close to the campus that the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev attended. investigators are combing it for a laptop that could be in there, and they believe dzhokhar's laptop could be there and have more information about the planning and execution of the attack. pamela brown joins me now from outside the prison hospital where dzhokhar is being treated, and that's in deven. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about the search for the computer this morning? what do we know at this point? >> reporter: well, poppy, what we know is that investigators in hazmat suits are still searching the landfill. we learned from a u.s. law enforcement officials that the leads to that search actually came from not only the suspect himself, dzhokhar tsarnaev, but also others who may know about the whereabouts of that laptop, those that may have disposed of it after the bombing at the boston marathon. but, then, authorities searching for the laptop in the hrapb feel in bedford, massachusetts. >> and it's said that authorities found out others may have helpe
now know who they are looking for -- brothers dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev. the siblings age 19 and 26 now lead police on a bomb littered chase to nearby watertown, massachusetts. >> during the course of that pursuit several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. >> reporter: around 1:00 a.m. friday a massive law enforcement descent upon the suburb. >> this is my home and it's scary to think of your home as, like, a war zone. >> soon the streets echo with chaos as officers and their targets engage in the dramatic firefight. one resident tweeted this photo of a bullet hole blown through the wall calendar in his home. >> do not answer your door unless it is an identified police officer. other watertown residents are awakened by blasts. >> gunshots and then boom, boom, like three big bangs. it looks like they're working their way this way and this way over here. >> before dawn suspect number one is killed. police say the young man with olympic boxing aspirations was wearing explosives and triggers. at 4:19 a.m. police announce his younger sibl
-old tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar, become the most hunted fugitives in america. their pictures splashed across every tv, phone, and computer in the country. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects. >> reporter: less than five hours after the images are released the suspects resurface. with deadly consequences. at 10:20 p.m. an m.i.t. police officer is found shot dead in his patrol car. just blocks away around 11:00 p.m. a 26-year-old chinese entrepreneur living in boston is carjacked at gunpoint in his mercedes suv. by two men claiming to be the boston bombers. "boston globe" reporter eric moskowitz interviewed the anonymous carjacking victim, named danny, about his ordeal. >> along the way he hears them talk about manhattan. they ask him about whether his car could go to new york. >> reporter: the suspects stop at an atm to withdraw $800 cash, using their hostage's bank card and password. back in the car the victim's cell phone rings. it's his roommate asking where he is. >> tamerlan say
and the surrounding suburbs, this siege, really. listen to what happened with the news that the suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev was in custody. >> and residents waving middle eastern flags, and it ordeal ended with this shoot-out last night. >> police are not saying right now whether dzhokhar was not in last night's gun shoot-out, but we know he was wounded in the thursday shoot-out with police that killed his brother. >> this shows the bloody teen on a boat where he likely had been hiding for hours. the boat's owner says he saw smeared blood and pulled back a tarp, a tarp that the hook on the tarp had been cut, and the suspect was lying there and was weak from blood loss and still refused to surrender until the last gunfire. >> so many facets to this story. this photo has been passed around a lot. an source took this after he was arrested. >> this photo shows him in the back of an ambulance being taken to the hospital. he remains in the hospital in serious condition. >> the fbi was quick to announce the dramatic conclusion shortly after the arrest, and on the website updated the wanted po poster addi
or the question it raises-- and this also explains a lot of what we're hearing now about the fear that dzhokhar may be wearing an explosive vest or something is there was this dynamic scorching and a big hole there. so they'rendering did he have some explosive device on him that also functioned in all of that gunfire, the throwing of the pressure cooker bomb and these ano, ma'am lise in terms of his injuries. when they get to the residence where these individuals live-- and this is where they're talking about a controlled detonation-- they find explosives, they find evidence of the smokeless powder we talked about, in this case a synthetic type smokeless powder but they also find a number of pipe bombs, capped at both ends with fuses so it further underscores something we've been talking about through the day which is this was not their final act, apparently, the attack on the boston marathon or if it was they were certainly prepared with enough explosives and different kinds of bombs to go ahead and do other things. we just don't know what that might have been >> this is breaking news, this ne
-old dzhokhar tsarnaev recovering in the hospital. this image shows the bloody teen hiding in a boat, hiding for hours, bleeding and curled up and hiding in the boat that had been winterized. he was first wounded in the shoot-out with police that killed his brother, and he may have been hit again in last night's gun fight with police. the boat's owner says he saw smeared blood, and pulled back a tarp on the winterized boat to find dzhokhar lying there, and he was weak from blood loss but still refused to surrender until the last volley of gunfire. >> he is in the boat and he just sat up. he is moving about. >> a dramatic end to the man hunt and it exploded across social media. everybody talking about it. and this photo a favorite image. and it was confirmed it was taken immediately after dzhokhar was arrested. this tweet says suspect in custody, officers sweeping the area, and stand by for further info. and this image shows dzhokhar in the back of a ambulance. and he remains under heavy guard. >> cnn's poppy harlow joins us on how all of this unfolded. good morning, poppy. >> reporter: good
destruction. in dramatic bedside hearing today, dzhokhar tsarnaev learned he could face the death penalty. this on the day the city of boston paid tribute to the victims with a moment of silence. the president also observed that moment today at the white house. one victim, krystle campbell, was laid to rest this morning. >> present arms! >> another lu lingzi was remembered at boston university a little while ago. tonight i'll talk to people who knew the tsarnaev brothers and to the state senator who says dzhokhar tsarnaev should be tortured to save more lives. the latest breaking news on the investigation. a government source tells cnn that dzhokhar tsarnaev claims no foreign terrorist groups were involved in the incident. he says he and his brother tamerlan -- he says brother tamerlan was the mastermind. tsarnaev's initial court appearance was today in his hospital room. he was able to speak one word, no, when asked if he could afford an attorney. he now has a public defender the court found today. he's alert, mentally competent and lucid. joining me is jake tapper live in boston. pretty
details 19-year-old terror suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was not armed when he was hiding in the boat. and we are also breaking news on syria. chuck hagel says u.s. officials believe the syrian government has used chemicals in the battle to sustain power. he did not say exactly who was targeted but did detail the type of chemical agent, sarin gas, take a listen. >> this morning the white house delivered a letter to several members of congress on the topic of chemical weapons use in syri syria. ed -- the letter will be to you shortly. assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria. specifically the chemical agent sarin. >> we're joined on the phone by senator lindsey graham -- actually by remote. senator graham, first of all your comments on chuck hagel. >> yeah, i was one of the senators on the letter. well, it's a red line that's been crossed. it's clearly an indication and admission by the administration that sarin gas was used by the assad regime and the president said that would be a red line. so the question is w
with the best possible outcome. here's how they did it. in the end they found dzhokhar tsarnaev hiding in a boat. a thermal imaging camera picked up as clear as die. the brothers were on the fed's radar, at least the older one was. the brother's father told kn he talked to him and were his sons capable of bombing the marathon? >> no way, he says. that's what the father says. i'm going to play you his interview in just a minute. another relative felt more strongly about that. you'll hear from the father brother's uncle. the big man was partying. we've got a crew on the u. mass dart mouth campus. where is dzhokhar tsarnaev now and is he going to make it? police say he is hurt bad. we're live from the hospital and we are going to find out if he is talking. first we're going to go candiotti. susan is in the area. police and fbi are still on the scene where you are. what are they looking for now. >> reporter: they're looking for evidence to build their case, anything that could help. any explosives residue to prove that he was helping to build homemade bombs. they're looking for any evidence that he
suspect, the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's still hospitalized in what doctors describe as serious but stable condition. federal officials say he has injuries to his throat. he's unable to speak. he could be charged, though, by federal prosecutors as early as today. right at his hospital bedside. you just heard that from the attorney general of massachusetts, martha coakley, in our interview here in boston. for more, though, on what's going on, let's bring in our crime and justice correspondent joe johns. he's working his sources over at the justice department. the fbi, elsewhere, what are officials telling you, joe, about this proceeding? truly extraordinary proceeding that could happen at the hospital at the suspect's bedside? >> well, wolf, our sources have told us it's possible we could see charges against this suspect today, but there's no guarantee, and not clear at all when a presentment of the suspect before a judge or magistrate might actually happen. we heard as recently as yesterday that authorities were contemplating a terrorism charge, most likely r
of "starting point" begins right now. >>> he can hardly speak but terror suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is talking or at least communicating, big new developments this morning in the boston marathon bombing investigation. cnn's jake tapper has learned that tsarnaev is communicating with investigators, and claims that he and his brother pulled off last week's bombing of the marathon and also that their motivation seems to be that of jihadists. cnn's chief washington correspondent and anchor of "the lead" jake tapper is with us this morning. and jake, what are your sources telling you about these communications. >> u.s. government source tells me that in these preliminary interviews with dzhokhar tsarnaev, and he underlines they're preliminary, all the information that dzhokhar is giving needs to be checked out, that investigators are not taking his word for it, but what he is saying is that first of all, there were no foreign groups involved in the attacks. second, he's saying that there is an online component to how these brothers were radicalized. they watched videos online. they got information
, the agency built its case on images on a precisely choreographed attack. cameras show 19-year-old dzhokhar tsavraev and his older brother tamerlan on boyleston street. both carry backpacks. tamerlan plants the first bomb. dzhokhar walks to the forum restaurant and into this photo. there is someone else here too. jackie webb. when you see the photo now, it hard to believe it was right there? >> yeah, it is. >> how close to that were you, to where the bomb was placed? >> probably just five or six feet. >> that group of people was most at risk. >> um-hum. >> this photo captured a crucial moment, placing dzhokhar at the scene. investigators say after putting the bomb at the site, he walks away, with just ten seconds to spare before the blast. in fact, the fbi released a cropped version of this picture in the hunt for the suspects. >> my boyfriend and his friend. >> this week, i spoke with jackie in her first interview since the bombings, she is 25 years old. a realtor in winchester, massachusetts. she was at the finish line with a group of friends, including her boyfriend, paul nordin. >> we w
.m., these two men, later identified as tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother, dzhokhar, become the most hunted fugitives in america. their pictures slashed across every tv, phone and computer in the country. >> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspects. >> less than five hours after the images are released, the suspects resurface. with deadly consequences. at 10:20 p.m., an mit police officer is found shot dead in his patrol car. >>> just blocks away, a carjack at gunpoint by two men claiming to be the boston bombers. boston globe reporter eric maskowitz interviewed the victim named danny. >> along the way, he hears them talk about manhattan. they asked him about whether his car could go to new york. >> the suspects stop at an atm to width draw $800 cash using their hostage's bank card and password. back in the car, the victim's cell phone rings. it's his roommate asking where he is. >> tamerlan says, you know, pick up the phone. if you say anything in chinese, i'll kill you. because if he's speaking in chinese, he may
>>> one word says it all. captured. that as the fate of suspected bomber dzhokhar zarniya and this was the reaction to his capture. cheers for boston's finest. the local, state and federal authorities to be brought to a successful end for a tragic, horrendous week. hello, i'm john boyle at the cnn center. >> welcome to cfn's continuing coverage of the capture of the final suspect in the boston bombing. the end of this horrible week did fot come peacefully. but it certainly could is been a lot worse than it was. >> before it was all over, a police officer would be shot to death, the same for one of the suspected bombers. the older brother and the details before it all went down. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. >> again, at 10:00 p.m. at night, it all began to unravel. they allegedly used a stolen atm card to get money. and then shots rang out. >> they're active and extremely dangerous. >> an mit police officer was killed in his car, shot multiple times. police swarmed, but the suspects were on the move. just blocks away, the suspects made a stunning
. this is the latest. dzhokhar tsarnaev said that his brother was behind the terror attack, no groups were involved and the motivation of the bombing was to defend islam. all of these claims must now be verified by investigators. one other piece of news overnight. residents, and people who work on boyleston street, which is the crime scene. residents and people who work there, will be allowed back today. we'll start our coverage with miguel marquez at the medical center where the suspect remains being treated. good morning. miguel. >> reporter: good morning. he is being treated. there's little change in his condition overnight and investigators occasionally speak with him. dzhokhar tsarnaev was read his rights, has a lawyer and will be tried as any other citizen, not as an enemy combat. >> we i have v a long history here of b successfully prosecuting terrorists and bringing them to justice and the president fully believes that that process will work in this case. >> reporter: despite his injuries including a bullet wound to a neck, sedated on a ventilator and restrained, tsarnaev still can nod his
hundreds of terrorists. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother originally born in kyrgyzstan charged. tamerlan tsarnaev is dead after a shootout with police, dzhokhar has a gunshot wound to his neck after police apprehended him friday night. a source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation tells cnn that dzhokhar tar neve is on a breathing ventilator and heavily sedated. as we talk about the suspects' future, we cannot forget about those who lost their lives. let's take time to recall them, chris tell krystle campbell, 8-year-old martin richard whose mom and sister were greefsly wounded and 23 year ode linzie lu a boston university graduate student from china. and then of course m.i.t. officer gunned down, 26-year-old sean collier. we're told vice president biden will attend a memorial service for him on wednesday. as we mentioned, dzhokhar tsarnaev won't be charged as an enemy combatant. he'll be prosecuted in the criminal justice system. is this the right move? >> absolutely. it's actually a no-brainer on so many levels. for one, this is a strong case so why would you abandon
. dzhokhar was transferred to a boston hospital. he can be seen through the window of this ambulance. the suspected bomber is listed in a serious condition. standing by live at the medical center. we keep saying, chris, it is in the wee early hours there right now. but, still, heavy security, i imagi imagine. >> >> yes, definitely heavy security and heavier than normal, john. right now, everything is in the hands of these doctors. this was basically the same medical team that treated his older brother about 24 hours earlier. his brother was brought here in cardiac arrest. he died at this hospital. now, the younger brother is being treated here for his injuries. they're not going to any further detail than that. he basically lost a tremendous amount of blood. he was covered in blood when he was brought here. right now, they're saying serious condition. and when we get a further update, it won't come from the hospital it. we're being told it would come from the fbi. the care of the medical status would be handle by the hospital itself. we're being told that's not the case this time. th
barrels forward. here's what we know this morning. suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is in stable condition at a hospital in boston under heavy guard. an e legal federal interrogation team is standing by to question him. they'll question him without evoking the miranda rights. >> that's a bit controversial. files chargesed perhaps as early as today. charged with using weapons of mass destruction, he could be facing the death sentence. . >> we have team coverage this morning and we start with abc's byron pitts in boston. good morning, byron. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. six local boston churches will hold an interfaith service later today. meantime, law enforcement is focused on suspect number two, here at beth israel hospital. this morning, police and federal agents are anxiously waiting to question the man who sparked nearly a weeklong man hunt. overnight this new video was released showing that final tense showdown, stun guns exploding as police move in to get dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's in serious but stable condition. his injuries preventing him from speaking. >> i think i and all of
. they also believe at this point that tamerlan and his older brother dzhokhar were acting alone. tamerlan was killed by police. >> his young brother remains hospitalized with a wound to his neck and handcuffed. >> right now, dzhokhar is unable to talk. pamela brown is at the hospital what are you learning about his condition? >> we are learning that dzhokhar tsarnaev has a serious gunshot wound to the neck and is unable to speak. even so, federal prosecutors are expected to file charges soon. those charges could include terrorism charges and murder state charges at the very least. now, over in cambridge, richard donahue injured thursday night with suspects remains in critical condition. doctors yesterday said he barely made it but now they're cautiously optimistic about his condition. >> this was an injury where the officer's blood volume was almost entirely lost to the point of the heart stopping. the heart was resuscitated over the next 45 minutes or so by a very aggressive effort by first responders and by our people in the emergency department to the point of restoration of rhythm and
the motive for the attack is sedated with a tube running down his throat. d dzhokhar tsarnaev is under heavy guard this morning in a boston hospital. the 19-year-old suspect will face federal terrorism charges and possibly murder charges in massachusetts. we have also learned more about the shootout early friday in watertown that led the other suspect, his older brother, dead. the police chief told cnn that officers found handguns, a rifle and at least six bombs including one made from a pressure cooker at the scene. he also said that during the gun battle, the surviving suspect drove a stolen car toward officers and ended up dragging his own brother down the street. investigators now also saying the evidence suggests the brothers acted alone. meanwhile, at least 57 bombing victims are still in the hospital. two of them in critical condition. >> in just about two hours, the university of massachusetts at dartmouth is set to reopen the campus where 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student. it was evacuated friday as authorities tried to track down the bombing suspect. he was found in water
. such a wonderful, wonderful sight. meanwhile the investigation still very much going on. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, he is in a hospital. he has been sedated, and intubated. what are investigators finding out from him this morning? our first report is from pamela brown here in boston. pamela? >> well, john, the suspect is still in the intensive care unit, handcuffed to his hospital bed, with around the clock surveillance by law enforcement officers. as you mentioned he was intubated and sedated with serious injuries. as the investigation continues the focus today is on what charges he will face and when. one week after two deadly bombs exploded in downtown boston, killing three and injuring 183 people, the only surviving suspect remains in serious condition at beth israel deaconess medical center. as federal prosecutors prepare to bring charges against him, law enforcement sources say dzhokhar tsarnaev is unable to talk after a gunshot wound to the neck. exactly when he suffered this injury is still unknown. >> this is a very complex investigation, and it's hard to say exactly how he recei
in the hijacked car and the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tar nevada went inside for snacks. it was the turning point. >> the driver used the opportunity to escape and call the police. that eventually led to the shootout in watertown. >> hand grenades and automatic gun fire. >> reporter: that shootout captured in these still photos involved a violent gun fight. authorities say the two had at least six unexploded bombs, including a pressure cooker device. >> reports that they are explosives here at the scene. >> just some of what might have been used in times square. >> they had built these additional explosives and we know they had the capacity to carry out the attacks. we don't know if they would have been able to stop the terrorists if they rooifed hooer in boston, we're just thankful we didn't have to find out the answer. >> the officials said the 19-year-old brother first told the fbi he and his brother were just going to new york to party, as he did twice last year with some of his college friends, sween this online photo, posted oan russian social network site. but in
since the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev. and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened and why. those questions have led investigators to a landfill about an hour away from here. it's in new bedford, massachusetts. it's near where dzhokhar went to school. cnn national correspondent, susan candiotti spoke to anderson cooper about the investigation. >> the leads to search the landfill for that laptop computer came not only from the suspect himself, the young man that is now hospitalized, but others who according to this official may have had knowledge of its whereabouts or may have played a role in ditching it, getting rid of it after the bombing. and there is evidence that leads that tamerlan, the older brother, may have been involved in drug dealing. they are looking into whether he may have supported himself through drug dealing. if they can find that laptop anderson in this landfill after it had been ditched somewhere, you know, like a dumpster that eventually made it to the landfill, if they can get into that, they can find out things like e-mails and contac
after the capture of 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. the suspect was found wounded in a boat >> relief. we can sleep well tonight. >> the arrest ended almost 24 hours of terror for boston. the college student and his brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, are believed to have killed a campus police officer at mit and wounded another officer. the older brother was killed in a fierce fire fight. dzhokhar tsarnaev fled on foot. >> he managed to elude us by being outside the perimeter. >> the big break came when a homeowner noticed blood on a boat parked in his car and called 911. police say the suspect shot at them when they responded. >> the hostage rescue team of the fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect, who was still alive in the boat. >> the people of boston are now looking to return to a sense of normalcy after the twin bombings and the shut down during the manhunt. at the white house president obama said boston's residents and police acted with resolve and bravery. >> because of their determined efforts we've closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> it is not clear wh
. >>>. >>> combing through a landfill. investigators searching for dzhokhar tsarnaev's laptop, what they hope to find if they uncover a missing computer. >>> new information the boston bombers did read an online magazine inspired by al qaeda that explains how to build a bomb. we're going to have much more information on what it is and how it wasn't just a manual but maybe even a motivator. -- captions by vitac -- >>> i am here on boylston street in boston, behind me the memorials honoring the victims of the bombings, four crosses for sean colliers, the m.i.t. police officer killed in his car, also lingzi lu, boston university student, krystle campbell the 29-year-old and of course martin richard the 8-year-old boy. last night was an emotional homecoming for the boston celtics. fans filled the garden for the first became at home since the bombings. before the game they paid tribute to the victims and first responders who walked out onto the court to a standing ovation. an hour away from here in new bedford, massachusetts, right near the university of massachusetts dartmouth campus where
in the boston marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev speaks. the chechnya connection and whether the fbi could have stopped a man seemingly set on a path to terror. and the wife, who is the woman who married tamerlan tsarnaev? good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. breaking news, new details on what motivated the boston bombing suspects. i want to get to jake tapper live in boston. what have you you learned? >> reporter: according to a u.s. government official, talking to me, the investigators have been working very hard trying to get information from dzhokhar tsarnaev. what he has been able to tell them in these preliminary investigations indicates that, according to him, according to him, all of this information needs to be checked out and followed up by investigators, but according to him, the brothers were not in contact with any foreign terrorist group. they did this on their own. there was a big on-line component to how they were self radicalized. they watched videos on-line. they downloaded information on-line. they did not have e-mail communication, but they were very much self radi
and around the world. dzhokhar tsarnaev should be tortured to save more lives. his initial court appearance was today in his hospital room, he could only speak one work, no, when asked if he could afford an attorney. he now has a public attorney, he is mentally competent and lucid. degree development for the investigators, he is able to cooperate and he appears to be listed. what does he come up with today? >> most important and the national security scope is the fact that he is apparently telling officials and this is from a government source that it was just he and his brother, that there was nobody else involved, that there was no foreign entity telling them what to do or communicating with them in any way. in effect, they were virtual self jihadists, he has said his brother was the ringleader of all of us. but like you said, there really are going to need to check everything and they have been. they have them all along checking who they talk with, what kind of communications they have their e-mails. trying to figure out not only if they were self radicalized but how, which websites did
, dzhokhar tsarnaev, 19 years old. a graduate of boston latin high school been in the united states for 12 years believed to be of chechen origin. thousands have converged on watertown where there is a massive shootout last night that killed suspect number one, his brother. during the night they were using weapons, they were using explosives, they were using bombs and right now we're about g delayer at the neorat any moment because at this time, police have surrounded an area where they believe suspect number two may be holed up at this time and, of course, we wouldn't want to do anything that would compromise the tactical situation facing the boston police right now, they have asked us not to do that. we will not share any information that could compromise what is going on right now but i do want to go to abc's pierre thomas in washington with the latest on the suspects and what the fbi is finding. pierre. >> reporter: george, this situation is so tense in part because they believe that the suspect has an assault rifle, an assortment of weapons including bombs. we are heard on the police
. the parents of tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev holding a news conference right now. so far his mother is telling reporters that the u.s. is accusing them of being terrorists. she's in tears. she says u.s. officials have told them she will not be able toe to see their son dzhokhar when they come to the united states. nic robertson is in the news conference in dagestan. he will join us live in a few minutes with more. meantime, here's the latest in the investigation. a congressman who sits tons house intelligence committee rae vealing the tsarnaev brothers used a remote control device similar to one used to operate a toy car to set huh the explosives. in the next 24 hours the father of the suspected bombers anzor tsarnaev is expected to arrive in the united states. we are told he is cooperating with the fbi investigation. and we've also learned that the russian not t only flagged the fbi about tamerlan tsarnaev, they also sent a warning letter to the cia after the fbi checked him out. both agencies determined there was not enough specific information to move on. so, with the new informa
to be in boston. >> how old are they? >> one is older than dzhokhar, one is younger. no, actually dzhokhar is the youngest. >> one in the middle. >> there are some reports that he or someone by his name posted a video on al qaeda youtube-like account. >> saying what? >> a video, black banners, a prophecy. >> this morning, when i saw like it says, this might be tamerlan. and, again, might be. and i clicked on that and there is this click, and, by the way, i went in there also, you know, some time ago, and i thought to myself, what an ugly boy found in that clip. that's, you know, even i went in there because, you know, in youtube, there is always something pop up. you watching something like, you know, the secrets, listening to that, and there is something in it unrelated will come up and then it goes on and on and on and on. and then you're just, you know, being -- have interest just to see what shift is that. sometimes there is a lot of it. what is that? you click on it and i heard it this morning, this morning. and i thought, if i was there, why wouldn't just, you know, just out of curio
-old dzhokhar is on the loose right now. authorities believe maybe an associate is holed up in watertown, that's where deborah feyerick is and why the enormous military police presence is there. >> we've been checking with them. we have them on the line. deb, what's the latest? >> we can tell you -- i want to tell you -- sorry, i'm juggling phones and iphones and everything else. we want to tell you that we're being told in fact s.w.a.t. team is making entry into one of the buildings there. now, this is going to happen all day. earlier i reported there's sort of an ebb and flow of people going in and people coming out. they had somebody on the ground who was contained, circled, a lot of police cars around him. now they're making entry into a house. could be related, could not be related. but, again, what the teams are trying to do is they're trying to make sure that they go to every single known area that this person may have been. this is just following leads. this is just following up the leads they have to follow-up on. they had somebody on the ground. and now we are told that in fact they'
and removed the suspect of who was still alive in the boat. >> the standoff came 24 hours after dzhokhar and his older brother killed an officer. that led to a fierce fire fight with police in watertown that killed tamerlan and may have injured his brother. it has been a long day for the people here in watertown and in the greater boston area. the search for the brothers closed schools and offices and all but shut down the entire area. president obama expressed his thanks from the white house. >> we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all our outstanding law enforcement professionals. >> reporter: the fbi marked his page, captured, and people gathered for a candle light vigil near the finish line of the marathon. in addition to a motive. investigators will be looking to answer if these two brothers were working alone or part of a larger terror group. we can tell you that three additional suspects have been taken into custody. it happened in new bedford, which is an hour away from watertown where this all played out. back to you. >> now the man hunt ended about 27 hours after the fbi
suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is painting a horrific picture to authorities. what he is saying you will want to hear. abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross that is this "nightline" exclusive. >> reporter: in the hours before dzhokhar tsarnaev was accused he revealed the why and the how of the deadly bomb attacks. and for all the power of the two explosions, for all the dramatic gunfights and for all the indications of well-trained terrorist techniques the younger brother reportedly told agents according to the authorities it was almost entirely done from the internet, homegrown with no direction from overseas. they used an al qaeda internet description of how to make a pressure cooker bomb. seth jones, a counterterror expert at the rand corporation, has analyzed the marathon attack and how it was pulled off. >> ad libbed part of it and made some decisions on a few elements of the bomb making. but what's different about this is they took a simple recipe and then targeted a -- the boston marathon. >> reporter: why the marathon? because, officials say, it was there, essentially. and
with the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev in a showdown with police. he gave an exclusive internet to the local boston affiliate. >> i look in the boat and i see blood. a good amount of the blood. henneberry stepped outside to check his beloved boat and that's when he saw it. my eyes wept to the other side of the engine box. there's a body. >> at that moment, what did you do? what were you thinking at that moment? >> oh, my god. i know i took three steps up the ladder. i don't remember stepping down off the ladder. this hits you more afterwards. my god, he probably slept last night. i don't know. it's surreal. >> he ran inside, called 911 and then the cavalry arrived. tonight, four days later, the young man who had been upgraded from serious condition. he said he only joined the bombing plot a week beforehand. they were inspired, h ehas reportedly said by an anti-american cleric, both of them angry about american policy in iraq and afghanistan. >> my son was muslim, that's it. >> today, their mother flat-out denied her children could be involved. >> what happened is a terrible thing, but i know that m
. here's what we know. dzhokhar tsarnaev is at the beth israel deaconist hospital in boston. we know he's alive. we do not know his condition. this is a shot of the 19-year-old being treated after his arrest. his older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan, was killed hours earlier in a shootout with the police. >> the president's high-value interrogation group is standing by. the special team of the cia, the fbi, and defense department waiting to question dzhokhar squoefr night. overnight. the president pointing out there are still burning questions about why the brothers allegedly launched the attack and whether they're connected to a larger terror conspiracy. that's the big concern. >> huge questions this morning. our abc news team is out in full force right now. we start with chief investigative correspondent brian ross, who has been on this story from the jump. he has a blow-by-blow account of how the arrest went down. brian, good morninto you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the capture was dramatic and quick. authorities said they brought justice to the victims of the marathon bombings a
, as boston heals, the investigation barrels forward. here's what we know this morning. suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is in serious, but stable condition at a hospital in boston under heavy guard. an elite federal interrogation team is standing by to question him. they'll question him without reading him the miranda rights. invoking a rare public safety exception they only have a few minutes. >> 50 minutes approximately. this is a bit controversial. we'll see how they proceed with that. we're expecting files to be charged soon, perhaps as early as tuesday. he could be charged with using weapons of mass destruction. this 19-year-old could be facing the death sentence. several public defenders have offered to represent him. we'll see if it comes to that or if he hires his own attorney. >> we have team coverage this morning and we start with abc's byron pitts in boston. good morning, byron. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. six local boston churches will hold an interfaith service later today for the victims and survivors of monday's bombings. meantime, law enforcement is focused on suspect nu
of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the latest on his condition and what lies ahead. >>> an ocean away and the will to persevere. we'll introduce you to a man who crossed the finish line of the london finish line after a week beginning the journey at the starting line in boston. >>> then this his boat was his hobby and passion until it became the scene of the shootout that ended boston's terror. now americans rally to replace the beloved boat of a man who helped take down the city's most wanted man. it is monday, april 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> good morning, everybody. the peopboleston are likely waking up this morning with a sense of relief and a welcome return to their routines. >> that'right. we'll have the very latest on the investigation and update on the survivors. >> first, new details this morning about what led to the capture of dzhokhar tsarnaev. fbi negotiators tried for 20, 25 minutes to convince tsarnaev to give himself up. there was a verbal exchange between both sides. >> eventually, tsarnaev fell ou
more about the social media life of dzhokhar tsarnaev. >>> mourning the victims today at the site of the bombing. you are live in the cnn "newsroom." i'm don lemon. a man in jail in mississippi charged in connection with letters sent to president obama and other officials that contained the deadly poison ricin. this is the man, james everett dutschke. second man of tupelo arrested in the investigation charges against the first suspect were dropped. want to go to tupelo now and alino muchado watching the developments right there. tell us who this guy is and why the fbi went looking for him. >> reporter: yeah, don. we have been talking to neighbors here all day. we talked to one man who says that james everett dutschke lived in the neighborhood for several years, in the house behind me with his wife and children that he lived here and that he kept primarily to himself. now, his attorney tells us that he operated a martial arts studio in town and closed after he was charged with child molestation earlier this year. now, we don't know exactly why the fbi went looking for him. what we
here we've been speaking with a lot of folks who knew dzhokhar. that's how they know him here, dzhokhar. in fact, we spoke with a young man who helped move dzhokhar in to his dorm when he first got to campus. and he was explaining to us how he was de-briefed by the state police and fbi this morning for about five hours. he had tweeted out something when he saw some of our broadcasts and saw the picture, he tweeted out i think i may know this person, i think that's dzhokhar. and then this morning he got a knock on the door with police and investigators outside wanting to speak with him. they brought him to a nearby state police. they asked him if he communicated with people overseas, that was one of the questions he was asked. he said he couldn't remember that happening. and he had to explain to him what sort of person he was, what sort of interactions he may have had trying to give them any insight possible into the suspect they were looking for. wolf. >> chris, you're our pentagon correspondent. the way you describe it, it almost looks like a major military operation with sophisticated
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